Starcraft 2

Saturday, August 28, 2010


The other two races were fine.

'm mostly a zerg player, and my friends are Terran and Toss players. We're not amazing, but my friends are plat players and im a gold (soon to be plat at this rate) player.

The three of us don't understand these decisions on blizz's part to nerf the other two races instead of just buffing the zergs early game/easing up the massive micro need.

Things like making the queen auto cast larva on the nearest hive, making the roach/hydra move a little faster, making the hydra t1.5 again, lowering food costs on the roach/hydra, lowering mineral costs on spine crawlers or increasing spine crawler range, lowering the cost of queens, making the spore crawler not take an evo chamber to build... etc etc.

All of those changes are decent ones to chose from to buff the zerg closer to the terran/toss early game! They should NOT be nerfing the ##%# outta the two races that are actually closer to being balanced!! 

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