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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Standard Protoss Openers

I've decided to post a couple standard Protoss openers for any new guys that need some help. 

Opening #1 - The Four Gate

The Four Gate is the bread and butter of the Protoss starter package, every Protoss should know and master this as it can be used in almost all scenarios and provides you with an easy tech path to whatever you need to counter your opponent. It is strong against nearly every opening expect perhaps 6 pool (depending on when you get your Zealot), and neutral against a mass Marine/Marauder build (you will stalemate and take it into later game).

Build Order:

9 - Pylon 10 - 2 probes (CB) 
12 - Gateway (at 150 minerals, may be before 12) 12 - 2 probes (CB)
 13 - 1st Assimilator (3 probes on it immediately)
 16 - 2nd Pylon * 16 - Zealot if playing Zerg, save for the Stalker if not
 18 - Cybernetics Core (Spend further CB's on Warpgate, research as soon as Core finishes)
 18/19 - 2nd Assimilator (I use 2 probes here for now, your call on unit composition)

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